Why I think people should not be making fun of Google and their failed launch of Bard.

With my many years of experience working in information technology, I know many projects do not get delivered on time and under budget, many never get delivered at all. 

Other times on a project, the project team think their product is ready for Market and even though it has been tested there maybe something different on the day or some other seemingly unconnected thing has stopped working making the newly delivered product fail on launch day.

This forces project managers and engineers to go back to the drawing board and to trouble to see what has gone wrong.  This delay in delivery could end up causing the company to make a far more superior product than they were going to in the first place.  We all make mistakes, as long as people and organisations learn from them that is the main thing.  People shouldn’t be too quick to underestimate Google when you look back in six months’ time most people may have forgotten all about this blip and Google Bart could be a serious competitor for ChatGPT.

Anyway, that’s my two pence worth. Thank you for reading.

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