We started building websites may years ago and have helped a few different companies get online. 

We try to make the message a webpage as simple as possible, so the visitor does not need to guess what we are trying to say.  Our websites are Responsive in design as most of your visitors will possibly be using a mobile device, we want to make sure the website looks great on every device. 

A big reason to have your own website is that you are building your own platform, you are putting the effort into a platform that you own.  Once you have put the work in and your customers know your web address, they can come directly to you for your products and services, this removes the reliance on social media or 3rd party platforms that can push customers to you.  While social media platforms are amazing applications, they own your pages and could start to charge for you to use these or the algorithm could change without you knowing these things are going to happening.  We are not saying that this will happen, but it could.

Some of the website services, we offer: 

  • Web design: we can design a custom website for your business or organization, based on your branding and needs, we can do this from scratch or from a current website. 
  • Web hosting: we can host your website and manage it and keep the plugins up to date. 
  • Domain registration: we can register a domain name for your website, so it has a unique address on the internet. 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): I can help you optimize your website for search engines, so it is more likely to be found by potential customers. 
  • Social media marketing: we can help you promote your website on social media, incorporate your social media into your website. 
  • Graphic Design and Video Production

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