Social Media is the term for a collection of different platforms.

These facilitate the creation and sharing of information in picture, audio, video and written formats.  This information can be created by a person or a company and shared for their followers.  These platforms assist in giving anyone the ability to get there message across to other people, whether it is for entertainment or education purposes, whether they are asking their audience for something, to buy something or just entertaining them.

The hope is then that the audience will consume the content, react to it and then share it with other people.

This could result in more sales, more people knowing about an event or your restaurant and then hopefully spending their money with you.

At Beach Valley Media we can help you setup your Social Media platforms or if you already have accounts, we can help you with updating them if needed.  Once the accounts are setup, we can also assist you with trying to grow these platforms to increase your reach. 

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